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Dutch Shipping Companies launch Global Learning & Intelligence Support App for the Maritime Industry

A consortium of innovative and forward thinking Shipping Companies Boomsma Shipping, JR Shipping Group, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, and workplace innovator 1 OCEAN, have successfully launched LISA; the first Learning & Intelligence Support App for the Maritime Industry.

Only five months after winning the SME Idea Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, LISA is already available for the global maritime industry on iOS and Android. New features will be added this year, such as the podcast Proud to be Maritime, which goes live today.


A maritime community
Every day, 80.000 commercial ships transport goods and raw materials, serve the leisure market and execute projects in ports and offshore sites, Thousands of companies make this possible. LISA connects the people within the companies that design, build, maintain, repair, converse, operate, manage, sell and recycle commercial ships.


The work they do is often challenging and most of what they learn is on the job. With LISA, a whole new source of knowledge, inspiration and support is available at their fingertips. Using state of the art technology, peer-to-peer coaching and in depth industry insights, LISA aims to boost the performance of maritime professionals.


Learning by sharing
Johan Boomsma, Managing Partner Boomsma Shipping: “We are proud to be part of this project. Sharing knowledge and asking for help is so valuable in these uncertain times. Especially today. Our company has shown for over 50 years that you can reach new destinations by abandoning old courses. LISA is a new course.”


Jan Reier Arends, Managing Owner JR Shipping Group adds: “The cooperation within the consortium is extraordinary. As a company, we are used to be transparent and open. This helps us to be successful. We hope to realise this within the LISA community as well, together with our partners.”


Peter van Wijngaarden, Managing Director van Van Wijngaarden Marine Services: “The current Covid-19 crisis shows the real value of LISA. Since the outbreak, weekly Mastermind Groups meet online to share experiences, insights and knowledge. Already over 50 companies participate in these meetings and everyone is willing to help each-other. It’s amazing and inspiring to see.”


Founding partner Gert Jan Huisink further explains: “We want to overcome daily challenges and seize common opportunities, and ultimately, save ourselves and each-other time, frustration and unnecessary mistakes. Each of us can build the career we want, lead our teams to superior results, and start each day with energy, inspiration and pride for choosing this career path in the first place. That’s what LISA can bring.”


The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an important maritime nation. Around 276.000 people are employed in the industry, which generates a production value of nearly € 50 billion. The 800 Dutch shipowners form a central role in the industry, managing and operating more then 2.000 ships.